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Quality Assurance

In France, strict legislation requires that utility companies locate underground utilities before construction and mark them accurately on the ground throughout project phases. However, written records are often out of date, making it difficult for utility teams to ensure their field markings are correct without intrusive methods. 13,000 gas lines alone are damaged in France every year, across thousands of construction sites. GRDF and VINCI decided to test Exodigo's solution for safety, budget, and compliance needs on future construction projects by comparing Exodigo's findings to three existing records.

GRDF and VINCI (through VINCI's foresight and innovation platform, Leonard) partnered to test Exodigo's underground mapping capabilities.  They asked Exodigo to provide a complete map of underground assets on a site in a suburb of Paris, including line properties and identities.


January 2023


Aubervilliers, France


Scan Days:




Exodigo located 30 lines in the area while existing records identified only 19 (a 57% increase) and 35 lines in an unmapped area. Exodigo also provided the locations of 16 suspected lines which VINCI and GRDF could confirm with investigative methods. Exodigo’s multi-scanning technology located 18 of 19 recorded lines in the area, when compared with three existing records from different sources for validation post-scan. Exodigo’s data indicates that the 19th does not exist. Exodigo was also able to provide the depth for 28 lines out of the 50 fully identified (both those listed on existing records, and newly located lines).

The VINCI and GRDF teams were excited by the results that the technology offered and are looking into ways to integrate them more broadly across their organizations.

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“Promising results for improving ground markings and preventing damage to structures on buried networks!"

Cecile Raynal

Innovations Expert, Technical and Industrial Department, GRDF


57% more utilities detected over existing records.

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