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Solving the underground

Exodigo creates accurate and precise underground maps for design, construction, and subsurface discovery.

Our mission: to power the next era of underground exploration - saving time, money, lives, and the planet.

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unexpected risks

Schedule delays. Skyrocketing costs. Utility strikes, leaks, and explosions. Environmental damage, injuries, and even loss of life.

There is a better way. We believe the future of discovery is non-intrusive and multi-sensing.

Enter exodigo

Conventional underground maps rely on single sensors and visual hints to infer locations and line paths. Not us. We’ve created something entirely new.

Our approach is revolutionary: we collect geophysical data at scale using multiple sensors and fuse the signals with artificial intelligence.

The result? The most accurate subsurface maps in the world.

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  • Expedite project delivery with designs that account for subsurface constraints from Day 1

  • Avoid delays from unexpected utilities that require immediate redesign and relocation

  • Make critical choices at feasibility that save time and avoid utility conflicts downstream

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  • Arm yourself with the right information at feasibility to maximize ROI over the life of the project

  • Accelerate project delivery and save on labor and equipment time

  • Dramatically reduce expensive change orders and redesigns from unexpected hazards

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  • Dig and build with confidence in utility-free zones

  • Anticipate unexpected hazards and avoid dangerous strikes

  • Minimize risks of injury by reducing use of heavy machinery

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  • Shorten the time to project completion and reduce emissions from heavy machinery

  • Start with non-intrusive discovery to minimize environmental disturbance

  • Avoid unnecessary drilling with precision pothole plans

Change starts underground

Exodigo’s multi-sensing, non-intrusive underground mapping technology is changing how our clients build, from design through execution. Learn how our complete subsurface maps help ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget in this short video.


Exodigo works with leading owners and managers of infrastructure projects across the energy, utilities, and transportation sectors in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

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