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Park and Ride Construction

SEPTA needed to identify the location of an existing underground water main at the future Conshohocken Station parking garage along its Manayunk/Norristown commuter rail line to coordinate the foundation supports for the parking garage. The owner of the main, Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.'s water service utility maintenance team recommended relocation of the main from under the parking garage footprint. Therefore, the main needed to be accurately surveyed, and relocated from under the parking garage.

Ground conditions had changed drastically since the line’s original installation in 1955 and Aqua did not have accurate as-built survey information to identify its location. The exact depth of the line was estimated to be 25-30 feet but also unknown because the previous property owner had filled the site with over 15 feet of soil and construction debris such as brick and asphalt. The condition of the site rendered conventional locating methods ineffective.


April 2023


Conshohocken, PA, USA


Scan Days:



SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority)

In April 2023, after failed attempts to positively identify the water main via a traditional utility locating approach, Aqua's team dug at the water main's last known location per their records. However, after 35 feet of excavation, the water main was not identified at this location.

Simultaneously, SEPTA engaged Exodigo to attempt to locate the water main. Exodigo conducted a multi-sensor scan and detected the line ~30 feet east of Aqua's assumed location.

Aqua excavated at the Exodigo-identified location and encountered the water main at a depth of 25 feet - precisely where Exodigo advised it would be.

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“Based on these results, and additional work that Exodigo has performed with other transit agencies, we believe there may be opportunities to expedite and ensure more accurate existing underground utility survey information for project delivery across multiple divisions at SEPTA by leveraging Exodigo's innovative technology and approach to subsurface utility location mapping.”

Robert Tangi

Project Manager, SEPTA


By using Exodigo's insights, SEPTA avoided 3 weeks of heavy trenching.

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