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Urban Development


Rail Expansion

  • While planning and constructing several new light rail stations for the Eastside Metro Expansion project in Birmingham, UK (a regional connection point for the country’s new high-speed rail network), Colas Rail began facing delays and experiencing strikes due to unknown utilities.  
  • The area had already been surveyed using traditional methods, but the data was insufficient and lines were still being hit.  
  • Colas Rail engaged Exodigo to locate all utilities along the route and prevent further costly project delays.  


January 2023


Birmingham, UK


Scan Days:



Colas Rail

Exodigo located more than 280 lines over three sites in a dense urban area of Birmingham, including 51 that no other locator had found.  

On Bull Street, Exodigo’s technology found 23 lines that previous surveys did not detect, including two lines that were not listed on any records. Through cross-referencing, previous surveyors determined that the lines must exist but could not locate them. With Exodigo’s insights, the Colas Rail team redesigned the project to avoid clashes with existing services.

On Canal Street, Exodigo’s technology detected 28 lines not found by prior surveys, including a water line at a depth of 1.6m.

Previous surveys showed four lines that Exodigo’s scans did not detect. Exodigo’s data indicates that previous surveys were incorrect and that these lines are not present. Two of the lines have already been proven to be non-existent; the team is investigating to confirm the others.

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Exodigo was able to detect more below-ground utilities than what we received from other utility survey providers and what was indicated on the statutory record information. Exodigo provided invaluable data that reduced redesign and delays due to uncharted services. We look forward to implementing this technology on future projects to ensure safe and timely project delivery.

Alejandro Moreno

Business Development Director, Urban & New Business, Colas Rail UK


51 previously uncharted services detected

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