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Highway Expansion



Caltrans experienced multiple highway utility strikes that caused several costly change orders, despite conducting numerous verifications through locators and potholes. They needed subsurface maps they could trust for redesigns to prevent further project delays and overruns.

Exodigo scanned the area and detected locations of 28 utilities - where previous locators had only identified 11.


July 2022


Marysville, CA


Scan Days:



Existing records showed only two lines on either side of the scan area (shown in yellow), but Exodigo detected multiple lines running parallel to and across the space (shown in black).

Exodigo found additional lines (shown in black) that were missed on the existing records (shown in yellow), as well as non-trivial deviations to the locations of known lines.

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The business case for multi-sensor fusion and AI for subsurface discovery is clear. Our underground utilities account for 50% of all delay-related change order dollars; that’s an enormous percentage, so reducing utility strikes represents savings of millions of dollars a year.

Aaron Chamberlin

Senior Innovation Engineer


Exodigo detected 28 utilities where previous locators had only identified 11.

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