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Global Construction Firm VINCI Construction and French Gas Distributor GRDF Enhance Underground Utility Mapping With Exodigo

Subsurface Imaging Innovator Identifies 57% More Utilities for French Gas Distributor

Palo Alto, California and Paris, France, 6/27/23 – Exodigo, the most accurate non-intrusive subsurface imaging platform, today announced the results of its first project in France and its official entry into the market. Exodigo successfully provided more accurate underground utility maps to reduce utility strike risks for VINCI Construction, a global leader in construction, infrastructure, and urban development, and GRDF, the largest gas distributor in France that distributes natural gas to more than 11 million customers daily. 

“Exodigo proved its potential for improving ground markings and preventing damage to structures on buried networks,” said Cecile Raynal, Innovations Expert, Technical and Industrial Department at GRDF. 

Through VINCI’s innovation platform, Leonard, the two companies partnered to demonstrate the accuracy and potential of Exodigo's AI-based solution for identifying and mapping underground utilities. Leveraging multi-sensing technology and artificial intelligence, Exodigo identified 57% percent more utility lines than shown on existing records, as well as lines in a previously unmapped area.  

  "We are excited to collaborate with industry leaders like VINCI Construction and GRDF to drive positive change, ensure more efficient capital projects, and reduce the 13,000 lines that are hit each year in France. We look forward to delivering more results for the French market,” said Jeremy Suard, Exodigo CEO and Co-Founder.  

At a test site in Aubervilliers, France, Exodigo's multi-sensing technology located 30 lines in the area, whereas existing records had identified only 19. Exodigo also located 35 lines in an area with no existing records. Committed to integrating the most advanced technologies into its platform, Exodigo tapped AVUS, an AR/VR company specializing in underground services, for mobile visualization on site. As VINCI Construction and GRDF develop future projects, complete knowledge of the underground landscape will provide invaluable insights for reducing utility strikes and costly redesigns. Based on the strong results, VINCI and GRDF are exploring applications of the technology across their organizations. 

“Dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable transformation of cities and regions, the VINCI team was thrilled with the results of our initial project with Exodigo. Precision and accuracy are critical for safe, efficient and timely project delivery  Exodigo proved its ability to offer exactly that for capital projects teams in France and beyond,” Louis Cottin, Catalyst Program Manager, Leonard.  

Utility, engineering and construction leaders in France now have access to Exodigo’s innovative subsurface imaging platform; learn more at  

About Exodigo

Exodigo is a leading provider of non-intrusive subsurface imaging solutions for transportation, energy, utilities, and construction customers around the world. Combining advanced multi-sensing technology with artificial intelligence, Exodigo offers groundbreaking solutions for mapping the underground accurately and efficiently. Headquartered in Tel Aviv and the San Francisco Bay Area, the team brings unparalleled experience in AI and signal processing from elite Israeli intelligence units and is backed by top industry partners. Learn more at

About Leonard

Leonard is the innovation and foresight platform of the VINCI Group. Leonard was created to imagine the future of the Group’s business lines and is tasked with watching emerging trends in VINCI’s areas of expertise and markets, identifying new growth opportunities, and setting up incubation and acceleration programs for Group employees as well as start-ups. To house these programs and start conversations with all the people blazing new trails in VINCI’s business lines, Leonard opened Leonard:Paris, a 4,500 square meters lab in Paris. In 2020, Leonard set up a team to expand its operation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

To find out more about Leonard:  

About AVUS  

AVUS, launched in 2019 by VINCI, is an innovative start-up specialising in augmented visualisation solutions for underground services. 

Their mission is to revolutionise underground infrastructure management by creating proactive tools that minimise the risk of service strikes and asset damage. 

AVUS empowers professionals with augmented visualisation, enabling them to gain insights, take preventive actions, and enhance safety.  

Backed by VINCI's expertise, AVUS is paving the way for a safer and more efficient approach to underground infrastructure management.

Their commitment to innovation establishes AVUS as a trusted partner, setting new standards for risk mitigation and transforming the way underground services are visualised, managed, and protected

To find out more about Avus:  

About VINCI Construction

VINCI Construction is one of the world's leading construction companies in transport infrastructure, buildings, networks and urban development. VINCI Construction is organized around a network of local companies, specialty networks and a specific expertise in major infrastructure projects. VINCI Construction companies are involved in the full life cycle of a project (design, construction, maintenance). Present in more than 100 countries, VINCI Construction's 1,300 business units employ more than 115,000 people who have completed more than 72,000 projects and generated revenue of €29.3 billion in 2022.

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