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Celebrating our Series A and the New Chapter Ahead: A Letter from our CEO

Dear Friends of Exodigo,

I am delighted to announce that we have closed a historic $105M Series A funding round. This is a significant milestone for Exodigo, enabling us to continue to meet our ambitious goal to transform the project lifecycle across the world.

Firstly, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. Whether you are a member of our team, a customer, a partner, or a supporter, you have all played a crucial role in our journey so far.

Our journey began with a sweeping vision – to solve the underground. Today, as we receive this investment, it validates our progress toward that goal—and empowers us to go further, dream bigger, and keep tackling big problems.

This funding is more than financial support; it is a testament to our investors' belief in our value proposition, market fit, and skyrocketing growth since we were founded in 2021. We are excited to welcome new investors aboard and to continue partnering with firms that have been with us since our seed round.

So, what's next for Exodigo? We will use this funding to improve the quality of our 3-D maps and deepen our stronghold in Europe, specifically in the UK, France, and Italy, while continuing our leadership position in the US and Israeli markets and considering further global expansion. We will continue to be laser-focused on our mission and keep our eyes on the prize—transforming the entirety of the built world with accurate, nonintrusive, 3-D underground mapping.

By giving our customers the means to “see” the underground, we unlock brighter futures for our communities through grid resilience, green transportation, critical infrastructure, and more. We map below the ground—but we are reaching new heights!

Thank you once again for your trust and support. We can’t wait to keep improving capital projects from
the underground up.

With gratitude,

Jeremy Suard
CEO and Co-Founder, Exodigo