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Senior Geophysicist

Tel Aviv, Israel

Full time position immediate start – HQ in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Exodigo is looking for a Senior Geophysicist to join our algorithms team. As a Senior Geophysicist, you will need to innovate and solve subsurface imaging problems using a combination of multidisciplinary domains in Geophysics, Math, and Computational Science.  The role includes research tasks that require deep understanding of elasticity and electromagnetics domains, optimizations methods, and Python programming language.


·       Perform research activities of a novel subsurface imaging solution based on data acquired from multiple sensors

·       Define and implement robust Signal Processing methods

·       Validate performance of developed solutions based on empirical studies, and clearly communicate and document conclusions


·       Ph.D. or MS in Geophysics or Physics

·       Five years of experience in a relevant industry, working with real data

·       Results-oriented, high levels of curiosity, independence, and creativity

·       Outstanding teamwork capabilities

·       High level of proficiency in Digital Signal Processing

·       Proficiency in numerical modeling of elastic and EM wave propagation

·       Proficiency in optimization methods to solve inverse problems

·       Experience with Linux-based systems and Python programming language

Bonus points:

·      Proficiency in deep learning algorithms and frameworks (TF and/or Pytorch) 

·      Experience with Python data science library e.g., scipy

·      Working with modern source control

Key Interfaces:

·       Software Development: You will work closely with software developers to develop Exodigo proprietary technology

·       Engineering: You will support engineering teams with backend solutions for their projects

Join us, we are on a mission!

·       We are creating the gold standard of underground non-intrusive discovery for industry and commercial use, by deploying proprietary, innovative AI and multi-sensor technology solutions to change the way the world sees the underground

·       Our approach is like combining an MRI, a CT scan and an Ultrasound all at once, to get one image that gives a clear view of the underground before even touching it

·       Our vision: Become the gold-standard technology that drives humanity forward through non-intrusive discovery

About Exodigo:

Every year, over $100B is spent on excavation and drilling, trying to discover what’s underground so companies can find out if they are about to hit a gas pipeline, water source, find oil, or anything else that is hidden underneath the surface. Needless use of heavy equipment creates unnecessary and avoidable greenhouse gas emissions, wastes billions of dollars per year, damages our planet, and can even cost lives.

We at Exodigo believe the future of discovery is non-intrusive. We are creating the gold standard of subsurface non-intrusive discovery for industry and commercial use. We are deploying innovative and proprietary AI deployed on multi-sensor technology to change the way you discover what is under the surface. Our approach is like combining an MRI, a CT scan, and ultrasound all at once, to get one image that gives you a clear view of the underground before you even touch it. So that you know exactly where to drill, to get the result you want and not for discovery.

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